Founded in 2007 to provide performing artists with high-quality publicity photos, tim hill images has grown and we have expanded our services. We are now Blue Box Creative.

Are you in need of marketing services, design services, or a new website?

Knowing When It’s Time for a Redesign

I recently redesigned a website for Point of View Communications, one of my early clients. POV had recently changed their business name and needed to update the site to reflect the change. Otherwise, they felt

So, You Are Ready for a New Website…or Are You?

“I am looking for someone to build my new website…what are your rates?” This is a line I hear often. Great! Let’s get started. When I start asking questions, there are always a few things that cannot be answered, and

Auditing Your Marketing Materials

At this time of year, we often evaluate our lives and decide to make a few New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes the resolution sticks, sometimes it doesn’t. I believe it is an important exercise to keep ourselves growing as a person. I also believe

Writing Your Website Copy

Writing for the web and writing for print are two very different things. Most people spend less than a minute on a web page. They look for the information they want, and then they are off to the next thing. When writing copy for the web there are two rules to keep in mind: Keep […]

Summer Social Media Audit

Summer is a great time to review your social media strategy. Did you stop blogging or tweeting back in March? What happened? When was your last newsletter? August is a great month to look at your plan and how it is or is not working. Are you especially good at the short tweet/retweet, but not […]

Getting Ready for a Site Redesign?

When planning to redesign your website, a few basic steps may save you some time and possibly even some headaches down the road. 1. Make sure you have a back-up of all current content. You may find you want to add something back…this will allow you to pull it from your files and not have […]